Saturday, March 24, 2012

Japan Nite 2012

We had a great time at Japan Nite!

Click here for the photos!

NOKIES, Kao=S, and ZZZ's were the three bands that played this year. Each of the groups had a different style, but they were all darn good at what they did!

The performance by NOKIES was fun and energetic rock. Even if you're not the type to dance or clap along to songs, these guys might change that. The frontman even dropped into the crowd during the set to dance with the concert-goers. The same fellow said "Enjoy your music and all your life" as the set came to a close. With a band like NOKIES, it's easier to do just that.

Kao-S is one of those groups that will have your attention the whole time with their stunning appeal to the ears and eyes. With guitar, shamisen, beautiful voices, and choreography that even involved a sword dance, Kao-S had an very unique performance indeed.

ZZZ's gave us an amazingly powerful performance. They even got a good portion of the crowd moshing. Even though it wasn't to join in, the bassist and the drummer each jumped in the crowd. These lovely ladies know how to ROCK.

We're definitely going to keep our eyes on these bands as they continue their musical journeys! We highly recommend that you do the same. Here's some ways you can keep up with them!

Official Website

Official Website

Official Website

Many thanks to the Double Door for giving us the opportunity to take photos. Another thank you to everyone that came out! We can't wait for next year!


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